About Us

An Experienced and Reliable Source for Electronic Repair

At OnTech Force LLC, our team is passionate about restoring and enhancing electronic devices. Whether it’s a projector, TV, laptop, or printer, we approach every repair with precision, care, and excitement, ensuring your devices work seamlessly again. Trust us to revive your gadgets with the same enthusiasm that drives our love for electronics. Your devices are in expert hands!

Our History:

ONTECH FORCE LLC formerly known as Hard Tech Group, a family-owned and operated company with a history dating back to 1996 in Westland, Michigan. We are currently based in Plymouth, Michigan.

Our expertise lies in electronic repair services, serving a diverse clientele that includes both small and large organizations such as the Wayne State University, COD Police Department, the City of Detroit School Board, Ford, the US Postal Service, Social Security, and many others.

Our comprehensive technology repair services address a wide range of needs, including projector repair, medical equipment repair, television repair, printer repair, electronic repair, and more.

Our fundamental goal is to provide customized solutions that cater to the unique requirements of each client, whether they are individual homeowners or businesses. Committed to delivering timely and high-quality repair services, we take pride in our team of certified repair technicians who ensure courteous and swift repairs at competitive prices.

Our Motto: Revive, not Replace! Saving You Money, Saving the Planet! 

At OnTech Force LLC, we’re deeply committed to environmental sustainability. We believe in fixing electronics instead of throwing them away. This not only makes your devices last longer but also reduces electronic waste. By choosing repairs over replacements, you’re helping to reduce waste and make the planet greener. Join us in our journey towards a cleaner world by opting for repair, reduce, and reuse practices.

Our Mission:

At OnTech Force LLC, our goal is to change how people think about electronic repairs. We provide high-quality replacement parts that make it easy for you to keep your electronics working longer. We want to make repair the first choice, not disposal, to help protect the environment. Our dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility makes us your top choice for electronic repair. Join our community, where innovation, sustainability, and lasting impact are valued.

Meet Our Founder: Oscar Silvera

At OnTech Force LLC, we embody a vision crafted by our founder, Oscar Silvera. With a passion for martial arts and a dedication to affordability in electronic repair, Oscar established our company to redefine industry norms.

Oscar’s expertise and commitment drive our operations, shaped by over three decades of experience. Beyond his role, Oscar’s love for electronic repair and martial arts education infuse our ethos.

Oscar’s vision extends beyond repairs to providing top-quality replacement parts, empowering you to extend your electronics’ lifespan. Rooted in martial arts principles, our community-focused approach reflects Oscar’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Join us in realizing Oscar’s vision, where passion and innovation redefine electronic repair.