Copier Service Agreements

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy an OnTech Force Copier Service?

Call us and ask us to purchase an OnTech Force Copier Service Agreement. We will dispatch a Service Tech to inspect your copier. For additional information contact us, or visit our OnTech Force website at OnTech or call OnTech Force at 888-780-3012.

Why do I need coverage for my product?

  • To protect your hardware investment.
  • Least expensive service option over life of product.
  • Security: the peace of mind of not having any unexpected repair costs.


Why should I buy an OnTech Force Service Agreement at the time my machine is working rather than wait until it fails?

  • An unexpected, and inconvenient “time and material” repair cost will be necessary. 


If I don’t have a contract how can I get service? What is the cost?

If you do not have an OnTech Force Service Agreement you will need a billable service call:

  • Labor: current rate/hour.
  • Travel: depending on zone.
  • Parts: dependent on what part needs to be replaced.
  • Response Time: best effort, but always prioritized behind warranty and Service Agreement customers.


What is covered by my OnTech Force Service Agreement?

  • Covered — telephone support and all parts, labor, and travel.
  • Not Covered — routine user maintenance (see operator manual),


Customer Replaceable Consumables (CRCs), and customer abuse or blatant misuse. 
Service Agreement Terms and Conditions can be reviewed on the OnTech Force Web site at: and select “Terms and Conditions.”  

How do I get service when I need it?

Either call us at 888-780-3012. We may be able to solve your problem immediately over the phone and restore you to full productivity. If not, We will dispatch an OnTech Force technician, who will then call you to confirm an arrival time.  

What response time can I expect when I need service on a product covered by an OnTech Force Service Agreement?

Next day response is standard for most customers. Response times are determined by the distance of the customer’s location from the nearest authorized OnTech Force service location. 


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