Laptop DC Power Jack Repair 

A damaged laptop computer DC Power Jack is dangerous and is both a fire and shock hazard and should be quickly repaired or replaced by a professional technician.

OnTech Force offers certified board level laptop and notebook computer DC Power Jack repair ( power socket, power tip) by A+ Certified laptop computer technicians.

We repair, fix or replace most broken, loose or damaged laptop DC power jacks on all makes and models of laptop, portable and notebook computers.

Damaged DC Jack Symptoms:

   * You have to "hold" or move the AC adapter tip to gain a power connections

   * Your laptop does not power on or randomly shuts down without any warning

   * The laptop jack feels loose

   * It power flickers when the power cord or AC adapter tip is moved

   * The laptop receives intermittent power

   * The battery will not charge

   * Sparks come out of the back of the laptop


Why choose Hard Tech Group for your laptop repair?

    * Our Prices Include Parts* - no guessing game on repair costs!
    * Quick Turnaround Time - we'll fix it and get it back to you fast!
    * Service You Can Count On - we fix it right the first time!
    * Professionally Trained Technicians - your laptop is in good hands!
    * We Stand Behind Our Work - your satisfaction is guaranteed!
    * Your Data is Secure with Us - our technicians go through an extensive background check!



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